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There are Seven days in a week. All the Muslims believe in these days Juma Tul Mubarak  is special day in their religion. On that day they offer Namaz E Juma and recite other Islamic Kalimat on this day.

In Gregorian Calendar Juma is called as Friday. It is the 5th day of the week. Due to Its special observance and significance many Muslims wishes to their relatives, Friends and other people about Juma Mubarak.

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We also enlist the picture of Juma with Sunna Which done by Holy and Last Prophet in World Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) in his life.

Juma Mubark and Sunnah Regards Juma Day

There are many specialties and Significances described about Juma in Books of Ahadis.

I am telling you the concept of one Hadis Pak in which “The Last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) said that Juma is the king in week days”.

Day Juma and Its Significance

Each day have its own meaning and significance. You can wish this day to others via sending them picture, Text Massage and call. So you download pictures without any limitations.

So we are uploading here beautiful pics of Juma Wishes with Urdu Translation. you can download these pics free of cost.

Happy Juma Mubark HD Pictures Download

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